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Capt. Peenakeen D Sahoo

Master Mariner, Businessman, Numerologist, Healer, Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho-Analytical Therapist

I Am On A Mission To Help Individuals To Achieve Their Best Potential Which They Truly Deserve By Using The Power Of Grapho-Therapy.

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My Handwriting Analysis That You Have Done Is Almost 95% Accurate. I Am Thankful That I Got To Know My Fear & Defenses And The Areas To Improve. I Will Definitely Take The Next Step Of Grapho Therapy To Improve These Areas.

Sashi Bhusan, Balasore


Hi Peenakeen, I Remember That Day When You Asked For My Handwriting Sample, I Was Skeptical About It Initially. As You Told Me That I Have Nothing To Lose, But Everything To Gain, I Gave My Sample And Now Am Glad I Took The Decision And Had My Analysis Done By You. It Is Totally 100 % Correct. I Will Surely Work On My Weaknesses And The Areas You Have Mentioned. I Will Definitely Recommend Your Services To My Friends And Relatives.

Pratik Mohanty, Bhubaneswar


I Am Totally Surprised How Correctly You Predicted My Character, Which I Had Never Shared With Anyone. Almost All Of Them Are Correct. The Way You Explained Me Everything Is Worth Appreciating. I Will Definitely Get The Advanced Analysis Done By You. As You Were Saying To Do The Grapho-Therapy To Improve Myself, I Will Start It Next Week. Once Again Thank You Peenakeen, For My Analysis And Bringing Me To This New World Of Self-Improvement.

Anubhav, Bhubaneswar


Hello Everyone I Am Capt. Peenakeen,

I Always Look To Upgrade My Own Knowledge And Work On Self-Development. And During The Process, I Came Across This Amazing Science. The Handwriting Analysis Has Helped Me In Better Understanding Of Own Self And Grapho-Therapy In Upgrading My Frequency As It Works Directly On The Sub-Conscious Mind.

I Now Want To Use This Power Of Grapho-Therapy Along With Other Healing Techniques To Give Back To The Society By Healing And Helping People To Live A Better And Satisfying Life.

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