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Bipasha Agarwal

HR, Admin And Operations Manager

My Mission Is To Make 1 Lakh People Fall In Love With Handwriting, Bring Changes In Their Life & Help Them In Writing Their Success Stories The Way They Want It To Be. To Help The Students In Writing Their Success Stories The Way They Want It To Be. To Help People In Healing Themselves And Keep Themselves Healthy And Fine.

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Bipasha Is Really Very Passionate About Handwriting Analysis And Graphology. She Is Very Systematic And Is Very Professional In Her Approach. I Love Writing And Have Noticed When I Practice Graphology I Am Very Relaxed And Peaceful. I Have Noticed Good Changes In My Attitude Since I Started Practicing Graphology Along With My Daily Law Of Attraction And Ho’oponopono Practices. I Feel It Is Helping Me Improve My Focus And Concentration. I Wish Bipasha Good Luck In Her Career As A Professional Graphologist.

Nalini Ravikumar, Usa

Software Professional

Thank You Bipasha For Your Perfect Handwriting Analysis. The Points You Stated And The Changes You Asked To Make Really Worked A Lot For Me. Your One To One Attention To Each And Every Client Is Really Very Helpful. Definitely Will Recommend You To Others. –

Ayushi Singhal Goel, Bengaluru


The Analysis Session With Bipasha Was Really Great, I Was Really Astonished When She Could Tell Me Things About Myself From My Handwriting. Her Analysis Really Helped Me A Lot, In Terms Of Knowing My Actual Self, My Weaknesses The Area Where I Lack And The Areas Needed To Improve. I Have Started With Graphotherapy To Bring Changes In My Life With The Power Of Handwriting.

Dharmendra Kumar Yadav, Bengaluru

Product Designer

Hi. My Name Is Bipasha Agarwal .

I Was Never A Lover Of Handwriting But When I Came To Know About This Science It Took My Attention And I Decided To Learn It. The Day I Started Grapho-Theraphy I Have Simply Fallen In Love With Handwriting.

I Have Seen A Lot Of Changes In All The Areas Of My Life Be It Personal Or Professional. I Have Also Seen Improvement In My Health With This Science. Looking Ahead To Help People, Add Value To Their Life With This Science.


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