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Beena Arun Behere

Certified Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist.

My Mission As A Grapho-Analyst And Therapist Is To Create Self Awareness And Boost And Build Confidence In A Million Children And Adults For A Happy And Successful Future. I Want To Help Create And Foster The Next Generation Of Balanced World Citizens To Empower Them To Realize Their True Potential And Fulfil Their Life’s Purpose On This Planet.

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I Was Quite Taken Aback By How Accurate The Handwriting Analysis Was.Most Of My Personality Traits Were Described Perfectly And It Gave Me An Insight Into What I Should Work On And Improve Upon Myself. All In All It Was A Completely Unbiased Analysis And Completely Resonated With Me.

Dr Aparna, Nasik

I Was Taken Aback That Handwriting Can Reveal So Much About A Person. All You Told Me Is 100% Accurate. Thank You So Much.

Priya .P, Pune


Thank You For Giving Me This Insight That Handwriting Can And Does Reveal What Is Buried Deep Inside And Which Even I Was Not Ready To Acknowledge To Myself. Its A Wake Up Call And Opportunity To Heal Myself Without Medication.

Sai, Pune


Hi. My Name Is Beena Arun Behere

My Search For A Holistic Healing Modality Leads Me To The Introductory Seminar Conducted By Imran Sir. I Was Drawn By The Scientific Approach, The So Simple Tool Of Our Own Handwriting To Understand Ourselves And How The Mere Act Of Writing A Page A Day, Consistently Could Affect Wondrous Changes In Our Mental And Thereby Physical Health, Creating A Ripple Effect In Every Area Of Our Life.

I Recovered My Sense Of Self-Worth And Purpose Through Graphotherapy And Decided To Share My Journey With The People In My Immediate Environment And Create A Chain Reaction Empowering A Million People To Lead Balanced, Happy Fulfilling Lives.

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