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Barnalee Banerjii

Professional Singer, Microsoft Educator

Script Your Million Dreams In A Holistic Way. Shaping Peoples Mind In A Holistic Way Through Handwriting Analysis And Help Them To Ease Their Hurdles And To Give Them A Support To Live A Healthy Life.

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I Knew A Little Bit Of Handwriting Analysis But I Never Knew That It Is So Powerful. As My Life Is Not So Smooth So I Only Think Negative Aspects.Thank You So Much You Have Lifted Me Up Doing My Writing Analysis And Shown Me So Many Positive Reasons To Be Happy. I Just Want To Follow Your Guidance. I Have Started Seeing Good Things Around Me.Thank You So Much.

Sushmita Mukherjee

Hand Writing Analysis Changed My Whole Perspective To Look Into Myself.
When Barnalee Di Approached Me For My Handwriting Sample, I Was Little Apprehensive. Di Gave Me That Confidence And Said It’s Only For Betterment And I Don’t Need To Worry About Anything Negative. I Was Amazed When She Started Reading My Writing Analysis. There Were Few Things In My Mind And Nobody Knew It, Even My Parents. She Spoke About My Fears And How I Can Overcome It Was Absolutely True And Made Me Speechless.
Thank You Barnalee Di For Such A Wonderful Experience. It’s 10/10.

Keya Sengupta , Bangalore

I Was Not Aware Of Something Called Analysis Of Hand Writing. For Me It Was Only Good Or Bad Handwriting. But When Barnalee Analysed And Gave Complete Analysis Of My Handwriting, It Was A Surprise For Me. Barnalee Knows Me For Many Years And Initially I Felt That She Is Telling Me Something Which She Knows About Me As A Person. But As The Conversation Went On I Realised That She Spoke Certain Things Which Even I Was Not Aware Of Myself. Based On Her Suggestions, I Have Started Writing Knowingly. I Hope My Efforts Are Seen In This Write Up As Well.

Mugdha Basankar

Barnalee Banerjii (Handwriting Analyst) Script Your Million Dreams In A Holistic Way.

I Am A Professional Singer And An Academic Teacher By Profession. It’s Almost 23 Years Now I Started My Journey. I Have Seen Children And Teacher Struggling With Their Writing Skills. It Was Really Amazing To Know That Different Hands Need Different Set Of Pens. Exciting Way Of Knowing Letters And Their Significance.

You Can Achieve So Many Positive Things Changing The Pattern Of The Letters. The Most Amazing Part Is That Handwriting Shows The Health Problems Too. Just Wow! Writing Is Important And What Else Can Be So Perfect If One Can Invent Themselves With Their Writing.

My Mission Is To Help People To Set Right Their Handwriting Through Little Guidance.

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