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Avani Vadher

Dip. in Applied Arts, Adv. Dip. in Animation, Grapho-analytical Therapist

My mission is to make a difference in people’s life with the magic of handwriting. Just with the power of a pen, I want to make them fall in love with their own selves. Instead of hiding behind their fears and limited beliefs about themselves, I want to help them see their true strengths and potential. Empower them to make all their dreams a reality.

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It was an extremely detailed and insightful analysis session. The session was systematically divided into sub-sections such as overall personality, thinking patterns, etc., which helped me understand the analysis in the best way. The way Avani conducted the session was very confident, assertive, calm, and empathetic. At certain instances, where I was unable to fully comprehended, she explained with the help of examples which made the understanding process easier. Overall, it was a very fruitful session wherein I received very helpful, meaningful inputs from Avani. Thank you again for such wonderful work.

Pooja Garach, Mumbai


Thank you Avani for doing my handwriting analysis. Your analysis was 100% accurate. I felt like you understood me even better then myself. for long time, I knew that I needed some changes in my life but I wasn’t sure what are those changes. But when you told me about my fears and areas to improve, I am absently sure what needs to be change. I am looking forward to starting my Grapho-therapy. I am very excited about it. Once again Avani thank you so much for helping me to become better version of myself.

Archana Vakil, Ahmedabad

Jewellery designer and cake artist

Wow! Just this word comes out of my mind right now. It was an amazing experience. Each and every thing you told me was true and the way you explain it to me it was very easy to understand. Now I know what are roadblock for my success. Why I cannot achieve my goals. Thank you so much for amazing analysis.

Hello Everyone, I Am Avani Vadher

Grapho-therapy changed my life, and it can change yours too!

In my journey of self-discovery and self-healing, I came across many different therapies and techniques but getting my handwriting analyzed was indeed eye-opening. It is so simple yet so affective. It not only improved my self-confidence and decision-making abilities, but also had an impact on my overall health and well-being. It also opened many doors of opportunities for me which I never even thought was possible.

So, by sharing this science with others, I want to give them the same opportunity, and make their life magical and happy.

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