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Asmaa Chaudhry

LL.B, LLM, Hand Writing Analyst & Grapho Therapist, Law Of Attraction Coach, Numerologist, Lawyer & Magistrate ( UK)

“My Mission Is Empowering, Inspiring And Helping People To Unlock Best Potential Within, By Analysing & Changing Their Handwriting Become The Best Version Of Themselves To Live A Quality Life. Because, Grapho Therapy Has A Great Magical Power In Self Development.

I Aim To Help 100000 People As A Hand Writing Analyst & Grapho Therapist To Make A Great Differences In Their Personality As Well As In Health, Relationship, Career And Money”.

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It Was An Amazing Experience To Know About Myself Through My Handwriting. I Never Imagined That Someone Can Analyse Handwriting And Found Too Much About Us. You Told Me Around 90% Correct Information By Just Analysing My Handwriting And I Think The Balance 10% Might Be Correct But I Never Realised. It’s Helping Me To Understand What’s To Be Correct And Improve In My Life. You Are Really Incredible And Very Intelligent Graphologist. Thanks Too Much Asmaa

Danish Ashfaque- Mau Nath- India

I Am So Much Surprised. It Was Wonderful When I Came To Know About Myself Through My Hand Writing. You Were 95% Correct. When You Told About My Behaviour Through My Handwriting I Was So Impressed By You. You Told Me Exactly The Way I Am. Thank You Because It Helping Me Understands Better About Myself. You Are True Magician. I Love This Knowledge And I Love You Too. Thank You So Much Asmaa Ma’m.

Versha Rajput , New Dehli, India

Teacher/ Healer

I Am Indeed Grateful To Asmaa Chaudhry. I Got My Handwriting Analysis From Asmaa Chaudhry. She Is Really Great In Infusing The Knowledge Of Handwriting Analysis In Such A Simple And In A Very Interesting Way. She Is Great At Explaining This Science Of Handwriting And Has In-Depth Knowledge. It Was Very Clearly Visible In Her Explanations. I Found My Areas Of Improvement Such As Irrigation, Temper, Procrastination, Laziness, Self-Deceit, Low Self-Esteem And So On. I Am Amazed And Gives 100% Accuracy To Her.

Abdul, Birminghan, UK

Self Employed

Hi. My Name Is Asmaa Chaudhry.

I Am From The World Of Logic & Magic Simultaneously. My Experience In The Legal Profession And The Law Of Attraction Has Enabled Me To Develop And Extensive Range Of Skills.

But, My Beautiful Journey As A Handwriting Analyst Has Been Outstandingly Phenomenal And Transformational. Hand Writing Analyst Course Has Another Addition Into My Lifetime Achievements. Analyzing My Handwriting Helped Me To Know Myself More In Depth And Taking Grapho Therapy I Could See Magical & Tremendous Self Development In Myself.

My Personal Magical Journey Is Taking Me To The Profession Level Where I Can Add Values To Other’s Lives To Improve Their Personality For A Quality Of Life. I Always Loved The Subject Of Human Behaviour In General And Had Curiosity Why Male/Female Behave In A Certain Way. Even Though, I Am Expert In Nlp & Numerology But This Handwriting Science Just Left Me Speechless.

Now, I Am Passionate To Transform Others Lives And Want To Leave Them Speechless By This Terrific Science. I Am So Much Blessed Got An Opportunity To Learn This Science With Sir Imran. His Style Of Teaching And Energy Made This Course So Easy And Interesting.

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