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Ashish Nabar

Agriculture Professional & Natural Farmer

Being a handwriting analyst and and a grapho-therapist, I see myself responsible in transforming and enhancing people’s lives and minds by helping them understand their ownselves and their personalities so that they can live upto their true potential using the power of pen.
I am on a mission to support 10000 persons in their journey of transformation in the next five years.

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Thanks for your analysis in my handwriting.your analysis is 99% accurate thanks for Mentoring & guiding me.

Harsh Mani Tiwari, Noida

Working in Private sector

The analysis done in most areas reinforced certain traits which were known to me as well as observed by my close relatives / friends…. hence the surprise factor was how it was known through my handwriting and not what was analyzed. Very few traits were doubtful from my point of view but not sure if others feel the same about me…. overall both the good & the improvement areas were very well brought out through the handwriting analysis done by Ashish.

95% analysis was true regarding my life and areas of improvement were like insights to work upon in different perspective.

Hi. My Name Is Ashish Nabar .

We know that our thoughts become our words which in turn become our actions. But some of our thoughts which are not expressed as words, unknowingly become our beliefs and behaviour patterns and most of the time we are not aware of the same.

Handwriting analysis helped me to understand my beliefs, thinking patterns, how I relate with people and environment, my strengths and my defense mechanisms in situations not under my control.
Practicing grapho-therapy helped me to work on my areas of improvement, change my beliefs and perceive the people around me differently in a positive way. Grapho-therapy helped me upgrade my frequency and connect with people in a better way.

By making small changes In our Handwriting we can bring phenomenal changes In our personality and deliver exponential results. This is the power of handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy which I want others to experience and benefit from.

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