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Arunaoviya Sk


I Am On A Mission To Empower 1 Lakh Individuals To Overcome Their Limiting Beliefs And Make Them Successful And Happy In Life By Helping Them To Realize Their Dreams And Desires Using The Power Of Pen.

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Thanks Arunaoviya For Such An Impressive Handwriting Analysis. It Was Similar To Mind Reading & Matched Around 90% With My Traits. I Am Very Happy That At Such A Young Age You Are Being Innovative. Definitely This Is Motivational & Enhances The Communicational Skills. Good Job! –

Anju N S ,Kerala


The Meeting Was Fantastic And Arunaoviya Was Very Precise And Accurate. She Helped Me Understand Myself Better And Her Analysis Was Easily Understandable. She Also Suggested Many Solutions To Change For The Betterment. I Really Enjoyed The Whole Session And Its Processes!

Shraya, Chennai


Arunaoviya Very Nicely Analyzed My Handwriting And Her Articulation Of Findings Is Great. Her Smooth Flow Of Information Is Much Appreciated. Best Wishes!!

Raja Angamuthu, Chennai

Software Engineer

Hi. My Name Is Arunaoviya Sk .

Hi! I’m Arunaoviya Sk. I Started Learning This Beautiful Science When I Was In Grade 12 And Instantly Fell In Love With It. Learning This Science And Practicing Grapho-Theraphy Everyday Has Developed My Life And Personality To A Better One. I Am Now Able To Visualize Myself In The Future And Am Prepared For Becoming Successful.

This Marvelous Change In Me Inspired Me To Take A Step Ahead To Add Value In Others Life As Well. I Now Aspire To Help Many Individuals To Clear Their Roadblocks In Their Path Of Success With The Magnificent Power Of The Pen!!!

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