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Aruna V Chavan

Handwriting Facilitator, Pranic Healer, Crystal Healer, Numerologist, Vastu Specialist

I Am On A Mission To Bring Vibrant Health, Unlimited Energy, Peace Of Mind Into Every Heart, Every Home. Through The Vibrational Energy Of Gaurishaa Vibrations, I Seek To Help One Million People To Live A Happy, Healthy And Wealthy Life Using Ancient Pranic Healing And Handwriting Analysis.

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The Characteristics That Were Determined By Analyzing My Handwriting Were Very Much Apt And Right. It Reflected My Personality Very Well And Also Helped Get Certain Characteristics About Myself To The Forefront. I Would Recommend It Anyone Who’s Interested In Understanding Themselves Better.

Vedant Shinde, Mumbai

Data Analyst

Hi Aruna, I Am Very Pleased & Impressed With The Results Of My Handwriting Analysis. Those Were Completely Accurate Also It Gets To Know Yourself Better. The Anylasis You Have Provided Was So In-Depth And Precise. I Personally Feel That One Must Have This Analysis Done At Least Once. I Would Also Highly Recommend It To Anyone Looking To Define Their Personality Or To Someone Who Wants To Know More About Themselves. Thank You Very Much. Good Luck

Alka Ghone , Mumbai


Dear Aruna Madam, I Basker Prabakar Sonwane Hereby Thank You For Your Handwriting Report Which I Could Understand My Strength And Weaknesses And Certain Areas Where I Need To Improve Myself. Since It Was My First Experience About Handwriting Report I Find This Report Almost 95% Accurate And Things Are Correctly Mention. Thank You Very Much For Giving Me This Experience And I Am Sending My Compliment And Give You Very Good Luck For Your Future And Related Work Thank You

Basker Sonwane , Mumbai

Self Employed

Hi. My Name Is Aruna V Chavan .

As A IMK Family Member, I Am A Lucky To Have Mr. Imran Baig, My Mentor, As A Handwriting Facilitator. After Learning Base Of Personality & The First Step Of Handwriting Analysis, I Understood That Graphology Is The Scientific Way To Make Alterations Or Changes In People’s Handwriting That Directly Impacts Their Personality.

During The Sessions I Did 5 Analysis Of People And I Feel Proud Knowing That Whatever Analysis I Did About Them Was Absolutely Perfect. My Clients Who Got To Know About This Science Were Very Stunned And Out Of Curiosity, Themselves Started Grapho-Therapy As Well.

I Am Very Much Influenced By Handwriting Analysis As Writing Comes From The Sub-Conscious Mind, Thereby Indirectly Determining Someone’s Personality And Character. Handwriting Is A Reflection Of The People Who They Are As It Is A Reflection Of Their Mind. The Study Of Handwriting Also Facilitates Diagnosis And Tracking Of Diseases. It Is Very Useful For Me As A Pranic Healer.

I Am A Pranic Healer. My Mission Is To Heal & Help People To Live A Happy, Healthy And Wealthy Life. Pranic Healing With Handwriting Analysis Will Help Me Read My Client’s Mind In A Better Way And Heal Them Easily.

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