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Archanaa Saxsena

Handwriting Analyst & Grapho-Therapist.

My Mission Is To Make 1lakh People Aware About The Science Of Writing The Right Way And Empower Them To Achieve Their Highest Potential Using The Power Of Pen !
I Stand For Write..Heal..Empower..!!

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Thank You So Much For The Analysis, And Congratulations For The Job Well Done. I Am Quite Amazed That My Handwriting Can Reveal So Much About Me. I Totally Agree With The “Base Of Personality” And “Traits”. – I Am A Perfectionist And Gives My Full Attention To One Thing That I Decide To Do. This Sometimes Slows Me Down As I Tend To Over-Analyze The Situation. – I Tend To Remain Quiet And Enjoys Listening To People, But I Do Not Open Myself That Easily. – I Am Comfortable In Being Alone And Enjoy My Own Company 🙂 – By Default, I Do Not Trust People And Feels That They Need To Earn My Trust. – I Am Comfortable Working As An Independent Consultant And Does Not Enjoy Managing People. – I Am Not Happy With My Professional Career And My Inability To Fix It Is Very Frustrating. I Eagerly Look Forward To Ways In Which Any Changes To Handwriting Can Make Positive Impact In My Life.

Praveen Saxena, New Jersey, Usa

Project Manager

I Wanted To Take A Moment To Express My Gratitude For The Insightful Handwriting Analysis You Provided Me With. After Reviewing Your Analysis, I Must Say I Was Truly Amazed By How Accurately You Were Able To Assess My Personality And Tendencies Based On My Handwriting. I Was Especially Impressed By Your Ability To Identify My Emotional Intensity And Attention Span, As Well As My Decision-Making Process And Sensitivity To Criticism. Your Analysis Also Provided Me With Valuable Insights Into My Personal And Professional Life, Including My Family Responsibilities And Desire To Make A Mark Based On My Own Abilities. Though This Analysis Can 70% Match With Most Of Adult And Professional Person. The Reason I Am Saying This Is Because Everyone Is Going Through A Bad Time At Adult And Responsible Age. Everyone Facing Challenges At This Time Of Age. But The Challenges Can Be Different In Their Respective Areas. Overall, I Feel That Your Analysis Was A Perfect Match For Me, And It Has Given Me A Greater Understanding Of Myself And How I Can Continue To Grow And Develop As A Person. I Am Truly Grateful For Your Expertise And Insights, And I Look Forward To Using This Newfound Knowledge To Improve Myself In All Aspects Of My Life. Thank You Again For Your Incredible Work And Dedication To Your Craft. I Would Highly Recommend Your Handwriting Analysis Services To Anyone Seeking A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves And Their Personalities. –

Narayan, Faridabad

Software Engineer

The Analysis Is Highly Correct With Superb Precision And Pin-Point Accuracy. While Reading The Review / Analysis My Whole Life Was Flashing In Front Of My Eyes. God Job..Keep It Going..!! A Big Shout Out For The Point Where Your Mentioned “You Comprehend Faster Than Others” And Also “You Feel A Sense Of Achievement If You Acquire Knowledge Or A New Skills”. This Is So Me ! This Actually Defines Me As A Person ! Well Done, Good Job!! Accuracy – 95%.

Rakesh Sadhu, Faridabad

Sourcing Manager

Hi. My Name Is Archanaa Saxsena.

I Am A Life-Long Learner & My Quest For Up-Skilling Attracted Me To This Science & Opened Up World Of New Possibilities.

After Learning Handwriting Analysis & Practicing Grapho-Therapy I Became Aware Of How Simple Yet Powerful This & Can Be Used To Positively Impact A Person’s Thinking Patterns Over Time.

A Lot Of People Struggle Due To Sub-Conscious Thoughts And This Inspired Me To Take This Journey To Help Them Realize Their True Potential & Live A Fulfilling Life.

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