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Anuradha A Badchikar

BSc LL.B, Professional Handwriting Analyst

I Have Always Believed That ‘What We Write Is Who You Are’, Which Gives A Chance To Make Ourselves A Better Human Being. I See Myself As A Transformer In Every Person Around Me And Most Of Them I Can Reach Out To And I Want People To Know More About This Science And Let This Science Help Them In Their Lives.

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One Fine Day My Friend Anuradha Happened To Talk To Me About Handwriting Analysis And I Was The First One To Tell Her That I Will Be Taking Part In It. I Was Curious As To How Someone Can Tell My Personality, Behaviour Just By Analysing The Handwriting. To My Surprise The Report She Gave Me Was Spot On !!! I Was Literally In Aww Of Her Analysis. The Report She Gave Me Was Exactly The Way I Am . Through That I Understood My Strengths And Weaknesses Very Well . And The Advice She Gave Me Helped . Would Recommend Others Too For Handwriting Analysis ���thank You Anuradha ���.

Dr. Nikhil Prabhu, Malur


I Was Actually Facing Issues In My Life Regarding So Many Things, One Fine Day I Happened To Share This With Anuradha And She Asked Me If She Could Analyse My Handwriting Sample, I Was Surprised About How Can Some Analysis Have A Solution To My Problems, Luckily I Said Yes And She Did The Analysis Of My Handwriting And Gave Me The Report. I Was So Surprised To See That The Reasons For My Problems Was In My Handwriting And I Wanted Her To Give Me Grapho Therapy For The Same As Well. I Was So Satisfied With The Analysis That It Changed The Way I Thought About Life. Her Analysis Was Like 90 Percent True And That Made Me More Surprised.

John, Bangalore

Software Engineer

This Was A Lifetime Experience For Me, I Had Never Heard About Such A Thing As Handwriting Analysis. Initially I Thought This Is All Fake To Be Honest, But When She Gave Me Assurance That She Will Do It, I Was Still In A Dilemma And Just Wanted To Give It A Try. When She Explained Me The Analysis, I Was So Shocked That I Went Numb For A Minute And Later I Felt So Good About The Way She Explained It To Me I Was Overwhelmed And I Was Very Happy. I Gave Her An Accuracy Of 99 Percent And I Didn’t Give Her That 1 Percent Because My Heart Didn’t Agree To Give As My Ego Stopped Me From Doing So. It Was Like An Eye Opener For Me About Myself. No One Ever Told Me So Accurately About Myself And Even I Myself Didn’t Know So Much About Myself. This Science Is Really Amazing.

Pramod V N, Bangalore


Hi. My Name Is Anuradha A Badchikar .

There Is A Saying, Always Enjoy The Process And Worry Less About The Results.

Grapho Therapy Is Such A Thing Where, When You Start Enjoying The Process You Forget About The Changes And Start Living Your Life To The Fullest, It Just Becomes The Part Of Your Life Automatically. And Without Even Noticing, You Start Feeling The Change Within Yourself And That Is The Time To Congratulate Yourself For Changing For Good.

I Have Known Myself More Than Ever Before And I Got A Chance To Bring About Good Changes In Me. This Has Even Helped Me To Transform Others Life And Bring Happiness In Their Life Too.

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