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Anthony A

M.Sc, M.Ed

A “Real Self Transformation” (Rest) Through Correct Formation Of Letters In Writing.

To Reach A Minimum Of One Lakh Students And Train Them To Have Correct Form Of Writing To Get A “ Real Self Transformation” To Become Better Students And Become Blessed And Happy People.

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On The First Note I Would Like To Congratulate And Appreciate On Your Interest And Approach To Attain The Skill Of Analysing People’s Individuality And Their Personality. When You Approached Me To Give My Handwritten Script For Analysis, I Was Excited And Felt How The Approach And Possibility To Predict With Accuracy But When I Happen To Go Through Your Analysed Report, I Was Surprised To Know That 99 Percent Of Your Observation Was So Precise. I Understood That Definitely There Is A Science Behind This Art Form. When There Are Other Sciences Like Astrology And Blood Group Which Still Possibly Gives The Analysis Of Personality, This Report Is Extremely Precise And Exiting. It Helped Me To Reassure My Nature And Areas Of Improvements Projected.

I Feel Elated To Certify That The Graphology Analysis Done By Mr Antony Is Really Agreeable. I Am Familiar With Calligraphy. The Term Graphology Remained Beyond My Horizon, Till I Came Across This Analysis. The Traits He Mentioned Are True And I Admit. I Would Like To Mention That A Few Traits Like Temper, Jealousy, Irritation And Imagination Are Put Under A Check Point To Maintain My Life Journey Smooth. A Spark Of Awareness Is Ignited, That Graphology Reveals The Traces Of Traits Once I Possessed, Even Though I Succeeded In Controlling Them To A Certain Extent.

I Am Writing In Favour Of Mr. Anthony And I Hope And Wish That He Should Make This Passion His Career As He Is One Of The Best Analysts I Have Ever Come Across. I Have Never Experienced Something Like This Before When I Got To Know That My Handwriting Can Be Used As A Means To Decipher My Instincts. It Was So Overwhelming And An Awe Moment For Me When I Got To Know About Myself From Mr. Anthony Through My Handwriting. Analysis Made By Antony Sir Was Exactly Synonymous To My Psychological Traits And I Will Rate Sir’s Analysis As 10 On A Scale Of 10. To Be Honest, It Was Embarrassing And Exciting Moment For Me. It Was Embarrassing Because My Handwriting Revealed My Traits That I Felt Was Confined Inside Till Sir Made The Analysis And Exciting Because I Got To Know The Insights Of My Handwriting Through Sir’s Analysis That Revealed My Character. I Would Recommend Others To Get Their Traits Analysed By Him As I Personally Feel That He Is A Pro In This Facet. I Wish Him All Success And Prosperity.

Hi. My Name Is Anthony A

I Am Anthony M.Sc; M.Ed. A Teacher (Physics) Worked In Various Boards Of Education. I Am An Ib Trained Teacher To Teach Physics And Served As A Principal Of A Higher Secondary School. I Am Also A Neet Facilitator.

In December 2023, I Found Out And Experienced A Real Science – Graphothrapy Which Was Hidden To Me Till Date. I Had A Paradigm With The Guidance Of A Guru – Master Imran Baig And Came To Know That Handwriting Is A Mind Writing. It Reveals Every Trait Of A Person And Can Help Him Towards A Better Life And It Helped Me A Lot.

I Had A Paradigm Shift. I Had Decided To Help The Humanity And In Particular The Student Community Through Their Handwriting. So, I Started My Journey. Now I Am A “Certified Handwriting Analyst & Grapho – Analytical Therapist”.

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