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Ankit Navin Dighe

C.G.I Artist, Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho- Therapist

I Am On A Mission To Reach Out To People Of Diverse Cultures, Backgrounds, And Faith; Understand Their Lives Through Handwriting Analysis And Help Them To Bring In The Change That They Want To Have In Their Lives, Also Help Them In Understanding Their Desired Goals And Redirect Their Energies In Taking Massive Actions And Sustain A Balanced Wheel Of Life.

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I Was Very Much Excited About This Session. I Got To Know So Many Details About My Own Character Which I Was Unaware And L Could Relate It With My Own Life Experiences. And Yeah So, I Was Highly Satisfied With The Analysis Provided By Ankit. It Exactly Portrayed My Character, My Pros And Cons. Each And Every Character Trait Was Explained In Detail. Through This Analysis I Can Also Focus On Improving My Character In Certain Areas As Highlighted By Him.

Hrithikaa Sheth, Coimbatore

Senior Financial Analyst

I Really Liked The Way Ankit Dighe Analyzed My Handwriting. I Was A Bit Aware Of This Science But The Few Insights He Gave Me About My Personality Came As Surprised To Me.

Kajal Wilben, Mumbai

Celebrity Publicist (PR)

Ankit Gave A Very Detailed Analysis About My Handwriting. Not Only He Explained Me About My Behavioural Traits But Also Gave Pointers Towards Enhancing It. Thank You So Much For Your Inputs.

Hi. My Name Is Ankit Navin Dighe

When I Started My Journey Of Modern Applied Psychology, Upon Completion, I Was Looking For More Learning And That’s When I Came Across A Link That Took Me To A 20 Minutes Webinar Where I Got Introduced To The Science Of Handwriting Analysis. Handwriting Analysis Has Helped Me In Identifying Myself Which Gave Me An Opportunity To Further Work On My Approach Towards Life.

Graphology Has An Amazing Power To Mould Your Personality Backed By Taking Inspired Actions. Grapho- Therapy Gave Me A Lot Of Clarity About Accomplishments That I Look Forward To Achieve. “When You Strive To Sustain A Balanced Wheel Of Life With Clarity, Nothing Can Stop You From Taking Massive Actions.” And My Deep Gratitude To Imran Ji, For Not Only Introducing Me To The Science Of Graphology, But Also For Teaching Graphology As A Way Of Life.

So Handwriting Speaks! Now It’s Time For You To Listen.

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