Hello, I Am A Professional Handwriting Analyst

Anitha Ande

MSc Biochemistry

I Am On A Mission To Enhance The Power Of Meditation And Calmness Through Handwriting
I Stand Committed To My Code Of Honour;
1. I Take 100% Responsibility Whatever Happens In My Life
2. I Always Respond To The Situations, With Out Any Reaction.
3.I Committed To Be Responsible In All Areas Of My Life.
4. I Keep Reminding My Self What Should I Do To Form New Habit In My Subconscious Mind.

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Analysis Of Handwriting By My Wife – Mrs. Anitha Ande Was Truly Awesome. Many Unknown And Hidden Characteristics Were Explored To The Manifest Level. No Big Surprise That The Same Were Literally True From The Health Perspective. Within No Time, I Could See Myself Pulled Into The 30 Days Grapho Therapy Course Which I Have Been Lovingly Enjoying On The 14th Day. To Conclude, It Is An Underlying Fact That The Training And The Analysis By My Wife Would Pave Me Niches In My Personal As Well As In My Professional Front. Kudos And Warm Regards,

Ajay Babu Ande

Although I Knew About The Handwriting Analysis In My Day Today Life, The Analysis By Mrs. Anitha Ande Was Amazing. I Simple Wonder As To Such An In Depth Analysis Do Exist In The Form Of Grapho Therapy Even. Being On The Verge Of Retirement In Another One Year, Indications About The Health And The Personality Related Corrections Were Mind Boggling. Warm Regards,

BSP Varma

Hand Writing Study Done By Anita Was Quite Accurate. Accuracy Level Was 95% Which Is Amazing. Study Was Quite Exhaustive And Detailed Touching All Aspects Of Life. It Helped Me To Do The Self Introspection. I Understood My Weak Areas Which Sometimes I Overlooked. Also The Solution For Improvement Was Given. Thank You So Much

Abha Sagar

Hi. My Name Is Anitha Ande .

Graphotherapy Is Playing Major Shift In My Life. By Practising Graphotherapy Everyday No Need To Do Meditation. Whatever The Transformation Happens By Doing Meditation Same Changes Happening In My Life

By Changing Our Self Can Change Our Surroundings Wherever We Go .
It Changes The Aura Of Our Body, Mind And Life Also. With This I Becoming Calm And Peaceful

I Took On This Mission And Offering My Services To The World Because I Can Get The Peace In The Peoples Minds ,In The Society, In The States. With This We Can Expect The Peace In The World.

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