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Anirudh Malpani

Anxiety Busting Specialist & Subconscious Energy Healer & Graphotherapist

Empowering 1 Million Lives Through The Transformative Power Of Energy Healing. I Am Committed To Facilitate Positive Change, Well Being And Healing Journeys With Dedication And Empathy To Create A Positive Impact On Individuals’ Lives, Helping Then Find Balance, Inner Peace And A Path To Holistic Wellness.

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I Recently Got My Writing Analysis Done From Mr. Anirudh Malpani And I Must State That The Results Were Precise And Stipulating. The Entire Theory Made Me Realize Where I Need To Improvise In My Approach Towards Life To Thrive. I Would Highly Recommend It To Everyone Who Is Constantly Striving To Achieve Perfection In Work And Life.

Mrs. Charu Kohli, Jabalpur

Director The Globalizers

Anirudh Malpani Energy Healer By Profession, Quite Recently Did My Handwriting Analysis. The Handwriting Sample I Provided To Him, Must Have Been The First Few That He Analyzed Just After Attending First Few Sessions, And To My Surprise He Has Observed Certain Things Which Mostly Astrologers Observe After Palm Reading . If I Were To Give Him Marks Out Of 100, I Would Give 100 , He Was That Eerily Accurate !! Even After Knowing Me For 16 Years, He Discovered New Facts About My Personality Which Was A Surprise !! Keep Up The Good Work , And All The Very Best For A Brighter Future !!

Namita, Jabalpur

Home Maker

Hi, I Had Shared My Handwriting With Anirudh Bhai. The Characteristics And Analysis He Was Able To Gather On The Basis Of Handwriting Had Surprised Me. As A Spiritual Practitioner Myself, I Have Been Able To Assess A Few Tangible Things In These Many Years Of Practice, But Getting An Opinion About That From Anirudh Bhai Is Really Wonderful. I Wish Him Joy And Peace For His Journey Ahead. Thank You

Manu Shart Tiwari, Jabalpur


Hi. My Name Is Anirudh Malpani.

I’ve Always Been Interested By Handwriting And What It Says About People, Therefore Everyone I’ve Ever Hired Has Had To Submit A Written Application For The Position. My Graphology Revealed Certain Blind Spots And With Graphotherapy I Have Gradually Closed Those Gaps.

Many Of My Healing Clients Are Unable To Name Their Difficulties, So I Use Graphotherapy To Help Them Find Solutions To Accelerate Their Healing And Train Their Subconscious Mind. As Your Coach, I’m Eager To Support You On Your Path Through Life.

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