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Ammeet Kumyrr Bajej

My Mission Is To Spread Grapho Therapy And Analysis To Every Possible Individual Who Are Unaware Of The Problems In Their Life And Relationship Which Can Be Improved By Mere Changes In Their Own Handwriting Thus Making Their Life A Beautiful Journey, As More Happy Faces Is Ultimate More Happiness For Me And My Family.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s What People Are Saying

I Would Like To Appreciate You, For The Readings On The Handwriting Analysis Done By You For Me And My Daughter.
Both Of Them Were Extremely Correct And Reinforced The Thoughts Which Were Mostly Known To Me.
The Analysis Was So Correct That We Did Have To Analyze Ourselves Again And Think Of Steps To Change Us To Make Ourselves Better Individuals.
As You Told Us, As A Person Changes, The Handwriting Does Change Too. Would Request You To Again Analyze Our Handwriting After Two Months, So That We Do Know What Improvements We Have Achieved.
Handwriting Analysis Seems To Be The True Representation Of A Person Since It Is Done After Analyzing The Individual, Not Any Other External Factor!
Me And My Daughter Both Are Thankful To You For The Analysis And Wish You The Best Of Luck In The Journey Towards Success In This Field

Rajeev S Bhatia

I Never Thought That Handwriting Can Tell So Much About A Personality And You Were Spot On Amit, Thanks For Letting Me Know, Rather Introducing Me To Myself, I Hope With Grapho Therapies You Provided, I Can Work On My Areas Of Improvement And Can Become More Successful, God Bless You, Keep Doing Well For The Society. Thanks A Lot.

Anuj Kumar Bajaj


After Venturing Into The World Of Grapho Analysis I Realized The Power Of Sub Conscious Mind And How Our Life And Its Journey Is Controlled By The Same So The Biggest Learning Is How Can We Do Better So That We Have Good Life And How We Can Use Our Subconscious Mind Positively Towards The Betterment Of Self And Society.

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