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Aditya Kumar

Professional Handwriting Analyst & Grapho-Therapist, Engineer's Transformation Coach

My Mission Is To Empower 100,000 Engineers By Utilizing My Expertise In Handwriting Analysis And Grapho-Therapy. Through Handwriting Analysis, I Uncover Both Evident And Latent Traits, While Grapho-Therapy Fosters Positive Personality Changes Through A Scientific Approach To Writing.

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Thank You Aditya Ji, For Providing The Insights From The Handwriting Analysis. It Has Truly Been Enlightening For Me, Prompting Deep Self-Reflection On Both My Apparent And Latent Traits And Motivating Me To Work On Enhancing Them. I Had Never Fathomed That My Handwriting Could Reveal Such Precise Details About My Characteristics. Your Exceptional Skill In Uncovering These Hidden Attributes Through Handwriting Analysis Is Truly Remarkable. I Am Delighted To Give A Perfect Rating Of 10 Out Of 10 And Enthusiastically Recommend This Service To Anyone Curious About Gaining Deeper Self-Awareness. It Opens The Door To A Profound Journey Of Self-Exploration, Allowing Individuals To Discover The Hidden Treasures Within Their Own Personalities.

Amit Prakash, Australia

Senior It Professional, Sydney

I’m Excited To Share That All 15 Points You’ve Highlighted About Me Are Completely Spot-On. Anticipating Your Report Was A Moment Of Eager Anticipation For Me, As I Consistently Seek To Deepen My Self-Awareness. This Allows Me To Address My Weaknesses And Bolster My Strengths. Thank You Aditya Ji! Words Fail To Capture The Accuracy And Truthfulness Of This Report. I Extend My Heartfelt Gratitude And Appreciation To You. My Sincerest Wishes For A Fulfilling And Prosperous Life Are Sent Your Way. As You Requested, I Would Rate The Accuracy Of This Report As 100 Out Of 100.

Sakshi Gandhi, Saharanpur

Pranik Healer

Thank You Aditya Ji, I Extend My Sincere Gratitude For Sharing The Report Of My Handwriting Analysis With Me. I Never Imagined That By Simply Providing A Handwriting Sample Of Four Lines, You Could Unveil So Much About My Behaviour And Traits. Some Of The Traits You Identified Were Even Unknown To Me. Regarding The Analysis Report, I Must Say It Closely Aligns With My Expectations. I Would Rate This Analysis As 9.9 Out Of 10.

Sandeep Srivastva, Korba

HR Head

Hi. My Name Is Aditya Kumar

Through Learning Handwriting Analysis, I Discovered Insights Into My Own Handwriting, Revealing The Root Causes Behind My Professional Instability Despite Strong Technical Skills. Unveiling Traits Like Low Self-Esteem And Irritation, I Was Astonished.

Utilizing Grapho-Therapy, I Swiftly Began Overcoming These Traits, Witnessing Profound Behavioral Changes. Motivated By This Transformation, I’m Committed To Aiding Engineers By Offering Handwriting Analysis And Grapho-Therapy Services, Aiming To Spare Them Similar Struggles.

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