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Abish Latha

Knowledge Scientist; Professional Handwriting Analyst And Grapho-Analytical Therapist

Analyzing My Handwriting Allowed Me To Identify Numerous Personality Traits And Address Some Through Graphotherapy. I Believe In The Profound Impact Of This Science And Its Potential To Benefit Individuals. As A Professional Handwriting Analyst, I Am Dedicated To Assisting Working Professionals And Business Owners In Cultivating A Healthy Mindset, A Positive Self-Image, And Achieving A High-Performance Lifestyle Using The Power Of Handwriting And Graphotherapy.

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“Working With A Abish Was An Interesting Experience. He Identified My Known, Evolving, And Hidden Traits, Covering Multiple Areas Of My Character Like Like Emotions, Fear, Mental Abilities, Relationship Traits, Value Systems, Thinking Pattern, Communication Skills, Weaknesses Etc. With About 95% Accuracy. The Analysis Helped Me Connect Many Scattered Dots In My Personality Into A Solid Figure, Making It Easier For Me To Work On Them. He Also Offered Credible Suggestions Based On The Analysis, Which Was Really Helpful For My Personal Development. Overall, I Found The Handwriting Analysis To Be A Valuable Tool For Self-Discovery.”

Shabnam Ali, Shoranur

Civil Service Aspirant

“This Was My First Experience With Handwriting Analysis And It Was Quite Exciting. Meeting With Abish Was Pleasant, And He Explained Each Finding In Detail. About 80% Of The Results Were Accurate, And The Communication With Him Was Comfortable And Trustworthy. He Also Provided A List Of Areas To Improve, And I’m Committed To Working On Them. If I Need Assistance, I Won’t Hesitate To Seek Help From Him.”

Anupama K. V., Nagpur

Project Associate, Csir-Neeri

“My Experience With Abish’s Analysis Of My Handwriting, Was An Insightful One. The Insights Gained From His Analysis Have Enabled Me To Identify Areas Of My Behavior That Needed Improvement. I Recommend This Analysis To Those Seeking Self-Awareness And Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Themselves And Their Actions, Leading To Personal Growth.”

Prijith K. Isaac, Kollam


Hi. My Name Is Abish Latha

I Am A Biocurator And Knowledge Scientist. I Ventured Into Learning Handwriting Analysis Out Of Curiosity And Its Connection With Neuroscience. During This Learning Journey, I Learnt A Few Great Lessons – We Are The Subject For This Fascinating Science; Our Handwriting Is A Reflection Of Our Subconscious Mind And Our Personality; And Making Conscious Change In Our Handwriting Can Impact Our Personality.

After Observing Improvements In My Own Personality Traits, Now I Am Confident In Using This Science To Help Others As Well.

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