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Abhishek Chaturvedi

Head - Marketing (Warehouse Trucks) - Godrej Material Handling

My Mission As A Professional Handwriting Analyst Is To Coach One Million Supply Chain Professionals Towards Using Graphotherapy For Bringing Down The Logistics Costs

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Dear Sir, Firstly I Would Like To Thank You For Your Analysis Which Is Very Accurate Of My Handwriting. It Also Made Me Address My Areas Of Improvement. Your Analysis Has The Precision, Genuineness And A Good Understanding Of One’s Handwriting. All The Best To Your Passion And Hope You Use This As A Mechanism To Help Others To Better Their Lives. I Could Rate U 9/10. Best Wishes

Dr Dhanashree Toradmalle, Mumbai


“I Was Amazed By Abhishek’s Accurate Handwriting Analysis, Despite Not Knowing Me. It Was Surprisingly 90-95% Accurate, Showcasing His Remarkable Skill In Decoding Personalities Through Handwriting Analysis. I’m Grateful For The Intriguing Insights He Provided.”

“I Would Like To Express My Utmost Satisfaction And Amazement With The Handwriting Analysis Done By Abhishek. The Accuracy And Depth Of The Analysis Were Truly Remarkable And I Was Pleasantly Surprised To See How My Personality Traits Were Accurately Portrayed Thru My Handwriting. Abhishek Has Not Just Meticulously Analysed My Handwriting But Had Also Patiently Discussed The Analysis Findings With Me, Answering All My Ques And Providing Valuable Explanations.”

Hi. My Name Is Abhishek Chaturvedi .

I Started My Journey In Graphology About 4 Months Ago. This Has Been A Very Exciting Journey With Lots Of Learnings And Positive Changes. I Now Trust This Science Completely And Believe That This Has Amazing Powers To Benefit People Both Professionally And Personally. Being Part Of Intralogistics Domain For 23 Years, I Have Set Up The Mission To Benefit Supply Chain Professionals Across The Globe.

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