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It Was 99% Accurate I Learnt So Many Things And It Was Conveyed Very Nicely And I Got To Know About My Personality Very Nice And Perfect I Also Learnt About My Areas Of Improvement.

Abdeali Gabu, Ratlam

Teacher / Graphic Designer

Very Much Accurate Analysis I Got To Know So Many Things Which I Didn’t Even Know That I Have It I Also Learned That I Need Improvement Within Myself And It Benefitted Me A Lot.

Taher Kalyanpur, Dungarpur

Teacher/ Coding Expert

Your Writing Analysis Offered Astute Observations And Perceptive Insights, Significantly Aiding In Understanding My Writing Patterns. Its Accuracy Was Commendable, And The Information Provided Was Truly Valuable, Enabling Me To Gain Substantial Benefits From Your Analysis.😍😍✨

Mufaddal Hakimi, Nagpur


Hi. My Name Is Abbas Kabuli

Hi, I Am Abbas Kabuli. A Student Turned Graphologist. I Was In My Year 7 When I Got Flunked And Had To Leave My Dream Institution In The Middle And Faced Failure After Failure But Then Graphology Held My Hand And Made Me Realize My Worth And Potential And Then I Realized That Why Does It Have To Be Limited To Myself And Here I Am On A Mission To Help One Million Students Achieve Success With The Help Of Graphology.

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